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Having a bright, healthy smile allows you to greet the world with confidence. At the dental office of Dr. Robert Lindeman we offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures that allow you to feel good about the way your teeth look, rather than refraining from openly smiling or laughing.

If you’re ready for a beautiful new smile, contact our cosmetic dentist today for your consultation.

Conditions Corrected by Cosmetic DentistrySan Antonio cosmetic dentistry at TruSmile Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments directly affect the appearance of your smile and can provide other oral benefits as well. Crowns, bridges, and veneers add strength and functionality to your bite, while improving confidence that was lost after a lifetime of damage or even loss of teeth. Dr. Lindeman is committed to your overall well-being and correcting the following common dental problems with aesthetic care:

• Gaps in the Teeth
• Chipped, Cracked or Broken Teeth
• Tooth Crowding
• Discoloration and Staining
• Missing Teeth

Cosmetic dental services available at our San Antonio dental office include:

Crowns and Bridges – Quality crowns-in-a-day and expedited bridge procedures are available with our advanced in-office technology.

Veneers - For that Hollywood smile, we offer porcelain, feldspathic veneers, and Lumineers. These treatments correct a mismatch in teeth size and spacing and can whiten teeth that have been intrinsically stained. Patients have veneer materials and brands to choose from to perfectly match their natural smile and budget.

Porcelain onlays and inlays are available to seal and reinforce teeth that have large cavities or for patients with old fillings, but who want to avoid full-coverage crowns.

Teeth Whitening – Dr. Lindeman can brighten the color of teeth several shades using whitening treatments that are powerful, but gentle.

Dr. Lindeman uses digital impressions when creating tooth-colored prosthetics, so there is no more need to bite into messy dental putty. Our 3D imaging and in-house milling equipment allow us to create precise restorations for beautiful results and a comfortable fit in just one appointment.

For those who have missing teeth and need full arch restoration, we offer implants and All-on-4 (hybrid) implant-retained dentures and bridges. This technique provides superior strength and stability with minimal implant placement.

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Adhering to a strict oral care regime is important and greatly reduces the need for corrective dentistry, but it can’t guarantee the perfect smile. Dr. Robert Lindeman, DMD, can help you achieve the smile you desire and the confidence you deserve.

Call our San Antonio dental office today so we can begin your smile transformation.

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