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Our San Antonio, TX, emergency dentist, Dr. Robert Lindeman is here for you in cases of urgent treatment needs. Whether you’ve chipped a tooth at work, an older dental prosthetic is failing or broken, or your child has damaged their smile in after-school sports, we help patients recover comfortable and healthy smiles with same-day emergency dental care.

Emergency Dentistry in San Antonio, TXEmergency Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

If your dental emergency has occurred in the middle of a week day, or on a weekend night, Dr. Robert Lindeman and his team provide emergency dental services. Please call our main office line regarding your dental problem for additional instructions. If you are a new patient, our phone system provides options for reaching members of our team after hours. Current patients are given our Doctors cell phone numbers ahead of time to call in the event of an urgent dental problem. We can accommodate emergency treatment on both weekends and evenings; we’re here when you need us most.

Emergency Dental Treatment: Saving Teeth and Restoring Smiles

Our emergency dental services help patients who have suffered from accident or injury recover their dental health and the appearance of a complete and beautiful smile. If you have a tooth ache, broken tooth, or even if your tooth has been knocked-out entirely, we can help.

Saving Natural Teeth

If you’ve have an avulsed (knocked-out) tooth, it’s possible to place your natural tooth into its former position. If you feel comfortable doing so, replace the tooth in its socket until you are seen by Dr. Robert Lindeman. If you are unable to do so, place the tooth in a glass of warm milk and be careful not to touch the roots of the tooth. In many cases, Dr. Robert Lindeman can bond your tooth in place with some orthodontic wire and let it naturally re-integrate.

Treating Infected, Broken, or Avulsed Teeth

Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr. Randall Voigt provide replacements for teeth based on what patients want and what they are comfortable budgeting. Our teeth replacement treatments include same-day crowns, which are perfect for emergencies, and dental implants. If a natural tooth is damaged, but can be saved from extraction, we provide emergency root canals in-office.

In just a few hours, Dr. Robert Lindeman will use their available dental technology and completely treat your emergency dental issue by incorporating chair-side restoration, providing in-house endodontics, and rebuilding the foundation of your smile. Our San Antonio, TX, emergency dental services also include same-day denture replacement and repair and dental bonding on-the-spot for small tooth cracks and breaks.

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Our goal is to determine the root cause of your problem and provide immediate treatment so that you are as comfortable as possible. If you have experienced a dental emergency, contact our office immediately for treatment.


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