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There’s a reason why Dr. Robert Lindeman prefers dental implants to most other restorations for missing teeth. Not only do our patients love their results, but implants help to nurture better oral health and lasting function in ways that removable or less durable prosthetics cannot. With comprehensive dental implant services in San Antonio, Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr. Randall Voigt can restore your smile and help you enjoy greater well-being.

Dental Implants with Dr. Robert LindemanSan Antonio Dental Implants and All-on-4

Our implant services are diverse and are made to match the needs of any patient, from those who have lost a single tooth, to edentulous patients with total tooth loss in one or both jaw arches – even orthodontic patients looking for straighter smiles.  When you work with Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr. Randall Voigt for advanced teeth replacement, your treatment plan can include all of the following, directly from our office:

Implant Placement – We have the technology to surgically place your implants in-house with precision and a focus on lasting results. Our San Antonio implant dentist uses guided implant surgery with 3D technology as a way to more acutely pinpoint the best location for your implant. In this matter, we can better support treatment success for years to come.

Pre-Implant Bone Grafting – If your treatment plan include a graft to correct bone loss in the jaw, this service can be provided by Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr. Randall Voigt as well. Bone grafting is typically indicated for patients with osteoporosis, diabetes, or those who have been missing teeth for years and need to rebuild bone to accept an implant.

Implant Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures – No matter the amount of missing teeth that are hindering your health and wellness, Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr. Randall Voigt has an implant solution. We can place single implant posts and add tooth-colored crowns, or we can attach dental bridges to a several dental implants for greater tooth loss. For total loss of natural teeth, dentures can be snapped onto a series of embedded implants to ensure that fixed dentures are comfortable and functional.

Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr Randall Voigt's treatment options cover all bases, from affordable full-arch restoration through implant overdentures.

Single Tooth Implants - Why Use an Implant to Replace a Single Tooth?

single tooth implants are available at trusmile dentistry in san antonio, texas. When you lose one tooth there are a variety of restorations available to both fill the gap caused by its absence and create a uniform appearance. While the visual benefits of a complete smile cannot be understated, it’s important to consider the effect a missing tooth can have on your oral health. Our mouths were meant to house an entire assembly of healthy teeth; when one falls, a domino effect can occur, where the health and stability of other teeth are compromised. Replacing even one missing tooth with a single dental implant can support not only the beauty of your smile, but also its health and function.

Feeling the Loss of One Tooth

Whether you lose a tooth to injury or decay, it’s important to seek treatment that restores the structure of your smile as much as its appearance. Remaining teeth will slowly but surely shift toward the vacancy, leading to crowding and the need for possible orthodontic work in the future. 
If you believe a dental implant is too extensive a solution for just one missing tooth, you should consider the alternatives. A dental bridge can effectively fill the gap in your smile with a prosthetic attached to the neighboring teeth, but these anchor teeth have to be altered before the bridge can be placed. 

On the other hand, a dental implant serves as a support for a crown that requires no alteration of surrounding teeth. Not only that, but restorations retained by implants are easier to clean; no dental cement is used to hold any of the components in place and implant teeth can be brushed and flossed like regular teeth. Implant restorations provide both health and aesthetic benefits that are other methods do not offer.

Preserving the Structure of Your Smile

The effect a missing tooth can have on your jawbone should not be overlooked. This bone provides an essential framework, which is strengthened by the chewing action from a complete set of teeth. While other treatments may effectively conceal a gap and allow you to chew normally, only a dental implant preserves the dental structure and prevents resorption by anchoring into the bone itself. 

The Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures

dental implants over dentures are available at trusmile dentistry in san antonio, texas.Although they are convenient, removable restorations can quickly become difficult to use. Between frequent movement, unappealing aesthetics, and poor fit, many patients with existing restorations seek alternative solutions for improving their restoration treatments. 

Thanks to innovations in modern restorative dentistry, dental implants offer a new level of security, beauty, and function to your smile. Implant posts can be used as a means of securing large, existing restorations to the dentition. 

Traditional restorations like bridges and dentures sit above the gums and require support from neighboring teeth and tissue. As this reliance can compromise the health of those adjacent dental structures, individuals may find their restoration no longer fits and is difficult to secure. Dental implants, however, are surgically placed into jawbone, stabilizing the restoration, providing patients with reliable oral function, and leaving the neighboring dentition alone.

Improved Aesthetics

While designed to look like natural teeth, poorly made or ill-fitting dentures can look unattractive and feel bulky. As this restoration does not stimulate the bone, patients are also at risk of losing the jaw’s bone density, causing the appearance of premature aging. In contrast, dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth as closely as possible. Since the restoration is made of highly durable porcelain, implant restorations look, feel, and function just like your original teeth. Below the gums, implant posts help encourage bone regeneration, preserving the jawline and facial structure. 

Permanent, Adaptable Restoration

Certain dental restorations offer greater support to the overall health of the smile, rather than detract. While traditional bridges may address single tooth loss, this restoration needs neighboring healthy teeth to function. As this compromises the health of these teeth, patients with bridges often require additional restorative care in the future to address further deterioration of the teeth. Because dental implants are self-supportive, patients are able to avoid this issue entirely. 

Minimal Replacement

Given the long-term health implications of removable implants, many patients may find themselves facing frequent denture or bridge replacement to maintain oral function. Over time, monetary replacement costs can add up. While dental implants are often disregarded due to their higher initial cost, the long-term advantages of never having to replace the implant as well as the durability of implant-secured restorations makes this tooth replacement alternative ideal for cost-savvy patients. 

Restored Self-Confidence

Your smile plays a significant role in your overall self-confidence. For patient who have to deal with the discomfort and inconvenience of removable dentures and partials, self-esteem can suffer. With dental implant-secured dentures, patients never need to worry about their restoration slipping out of their mouths or other discouraging denture problems. 

At TruSmile Dentistry, Dr. Robert Lindeman offers implant-supported dentures and bridges as a way of restoring dental health and overall confidence. 

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