Full Mouth Restoration with Dr. Lindeman, DMD in San Antonio, TX

Dr. Robert Lindeman possess the skill and experience necessary to completely restore your smile after the total loss of teeth in one or both jaw arches. These treatments are often referred to as smile rehabilitation or full mouth restoration. 

Contact us today for a full restoration consultation in San Antonio. We provide precise treatment plans and customize implant procedures specifically for your dental needs.

Preparing for Full Teeth Replacement: Extraction and Digital Treatment Planning 

While your teeth are highly durable, it’s not uncommon for one or more of them to crack, break, fall out, or require extraction. For patients with complex dental health problems, these issues mean the widespread loss or removal of teeth.  

After an evaluation of your dental health, Dr. Robert Lindeman determines the best course of care for your needs. We factor in conditions like bone health, periodontal disease, and any other teeth that require extraction. Prior to your full smile makeover, our office provides tissue grafts and simple and complex teeth extraction. 

Treatment for Total Tooth Loss: Full Implant Cases in San Antonio

Seeking treatment as soon as possible is the best way to minimize complications and get back to your normal self.  During your consultation with Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr. Randall Voigt, your plan for care is discussed and can include 3D scans of your smile to pinpoint the best areas for implant placement. 

Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve with treatment, there are several ways to get the smile you want, including:

Snap-on Implant Dentures - This treatment includes the placement of small titanium posts in-office by Dr. Robert Lindeman and Dr. Randall Voigt – in some cases, as few as two implants can be added to support removable implant dentures. Specialized abutments allow the dentures to be placed and removed from the dentures easily. This treatment provides the unmatched stability of implants, cost-effectiveness, and side steps the patient complaints about loose and uncomfortable nature of adhesive dentures. 

Permanent Implant Overdentures – This option requires as few as four implants, but up to as many as eight. Depending on your current oral health, expectations, and the treatment you choose, the number of implants used for your personalized treatment may vary.

Whether you are interested in a cost-effective approach to implant dentures or the most natural looking prosthetics possible, Dr. Robert Lindeman provide a full smile restoration treatment to meet your expectation. 

A Full and Healthy Smile Is Within Reach!

You do not need to struggle with the discomfort and lack of functionality created by loose and ill-fitting dentures. Even damaged and failing teeth can be replaced with lasting and natural-looking prosthetics. Contact Dr. Robert Lindeman more information on full teeth replacement options or stabilizing your current denture. 



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