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Dr. Robert Lindeman is known for his gentle chairside manner with all patients, but recognize that some patients need more than that to feel comfortable at a dental office. For this reason, Dr. Lindeman offers the relaxing benefits of sedation dental care in San Antonio, TX. Whether you’re interested in sedation for a lengthy dental procedure or to soothe anxious nerves, our office can help.

Sedation Dentistry Options with Dr. Robert Lindeman

We offer varying levels of sedation to ensure that your experience at our office creates positive associations with dental care. As a dentist who is certified for both oral conscious sedation and the use of nitrous oxide, Dr. Robert Lindeman understands how important it is that sounds and other sensory experiences of being at the dentist are tuned out with the help of sedation. We recommend the following treatment options based on the duration of your scheduled dental visit and level of anxiousness:

Laughing Gas (Nitrous)

With this method, patients inhale medication through a small nose mask that helps to induce feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. While this level of treatment provides for a more mild feeling of sedation, it’s ideal for patients who need some help in getting over initial fear and feeling comfortable in the dental chair.

Conscious Sedation

While patients are awake and conscious during both of these sedation options, oral conscious sedation promotes a deeper level of ease and relaxation. Patients do not remember their procedure but are not asleep by default. Effects of oral conscious sedation can last longer, making it the appropriate choice for lengthier dental visits with more procedures that are being performed at once. 

In some cases, our doctors can even combine oral conscious sedation and nitrous so patients recall the least possible experiences of their procedure and can remain calm throughout their visit. While patients should generally be in good health to be qualified for sedation, these are highly safe treatments and most patients are indeed candidates for this level of care.

IV Sedation Dentist Available

As another layer of added comfort for nervous patients, Dr. Robert Lindeman can use the expertise of a certified, visiting IV sedation dentist in-office. This method of sedation is typically used for surgical processes, such as wisdom teeth extraction or implant placement. If you’re apprehensive about your upcoming appointment, ask our office about your options for having an IV sedation specialist available.

With gentle care and sedation dentistry, Dr. Robert Lindeman and his team are able to convert many fearful visitors into confident dental patients. Those who visit our office and are highly worried or fearful, soon realize that treatment can be comfortable, efficient, and calming.

Visit a Sedation Dentist Near You in San Antonio, TX

If you’re interested in sedation for your next dental visit, or you having a complex procedure coming up that you’d like to complete under sedation, contact Dr. Robert Lindeman to learn more about your options and how our office can help.


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