Learn More About Invisalign Braces in San Antonio, TX

As treatment methods and technology for straightening teeth change, more and more options are available for patients who want an attractive smile teeth in a more convenient fashion. Invisalign® has proven over time to be the most discreet clear braces option, as its patented design allows it to be as seamless as possible. As a Preferred Provider of Invisalign® in San Antonio, Dr. Robert Lindeman and his staff can help you obtain the smile of your dreams.

Comprehensive Orthodontics through Invisalign

san antonio orthodontics invisalign treatmentDr. Robert Lindeman recommend Invisalign® to treat the gamut of orthodontic problems, from minor tilting, crowding, twisting, and gaps between teeth, to more complex problems like cross-bite and overbite. With a decade of experience as an Invisalign® provider and with more than 200 patient cases to his credit, Dr. Robert Lindeman has honed the skills necessary to help almost any patient see expected results.

We are able to offer full-service treatment with clear braces through our commitment to bringing patients the best in the latest techniques and software; our Invisalign® dentist can show you exactly what will work for you. While many of our clear braces patients are adults, we offer Invisalign Teen® for younger patients and expedited treatment with Invisalign® Express for correcting minor teeth relapse.  

Get the Smile you Want in Less Time

Qualified patients who are interested in cutting their treatment time in half – or more in some cases – can take advantage of Propel fast braces by Dr. Robert Lindeman. The Propel treatment process involves creating small pinpoints in bone in upper or lower arches, or both depending on your needs, to promote tissue turnover that allows teeth and roots to move more quickly. Propel is also beneficial to overall oral health as well, as bone in the treated area becomes stronger and more replete as it heals. Fast braces treatment can be performed with topical anesthetic and produces only mild discomfort for the patient, while promoting much speedier treatment and quicker results.

Start your Invisalign Treatment Today!

invisalign can straighten your teeth using clear alignersDuring your Invisalign® consultation with our San Antonio cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert Lindeman shows patients pictures of their teeth and current bite alignment so they better understand the steps needed to meet their goals. With specialized software called Itero, we can virtually move teeth while you watch, to create a visualization of what your finished smile will look like. While many patients see full treatment results in under a year, the process can be accelerated for mild cases of alignment or if patients opt for expedited braces. After your treatment is complete, Dr. Robert Lindeman provides Vivera retainers, which are just as clear as Invisalign® aligners, so you can comfortably maintain results. 

Speak to our Office about Clear Braces and Treatment Alternatives

If you have questions about clear braces, our San Antonio Invisalign® dentist, Dr. Robert Lindeman can help. To determine if you qualify for Invisalign® or for details about treatment alternatives with metal braces, call our office today for your consultation.

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